My Little Brony


The Alignment of Deliciousness

MLP food - 8543735040
By DeathByCupcakes

Oh, What The Internet Hath Wrought

internet food fluttershy rainbow dash - 8475068928
By philip.wu1

Dazzling Food Choices

food pizza The Dazzlings - 8470327040
By DeathByCupcakes (Via ask-sonata-dusk-and-friends)

Chowing is Magic

food nom nom rainbow dash - 8031471872
By DiabeetusHoers

Flutterbat Is Not Amused

food flutterbat - 7976407808
By LOLgirl400

Applejack, The Food Critique

applejack food apples - 7872071168
By Dulcet-Ebullience

If Only Fluttershy Was a Tree

you had one job food fluttershy - 7730496512
By Ponymous

Flufflepuff and Tacos

flufflepuff tacos comics food - 7544266240
By DivineFarticus (Via askflufflepuff)

Derpy Doesn't Know What Went Wrong

IRL derpy hooves food muffins - 7322717440
By DeltaFlame

Mane Six Cutie Mark Cupcakes

IRL cupcakes food cutie marks - 7202522112
By Ambad_the_Cheddar_Monk (Via Ambadeus)
cupcakes food - 48894209

How to Make My Little Pony Cupcakes

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Non "Cupcakes" Cupcakes

IRL awesome cupcakes food rainbow dash - 7163666176
By Twilcario

We Are Out There

IRL rarity food - 7130705664
By Jawmuncher

Little Did My Manager Know He Was Hiring a Pegasister to Work in His Bakery

pinkie pie food argument is invalid - 6655831808
By Sophisters

Iron Chef Equestria

food gifs pinkie pie the internets - 6469130240
By Cubonator

Luna is Best Pancake

food IRL luna moon pancake - 6424052736
By Spazbo4
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