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It's Fine...

feels twilight sparkle - 9052515840
By OFC_operator (Via Mamandil)

MLP Season 7 Pony Tears Bingo

the great and powerful trixie feels princess cadence starlight glimmer twilight sparkle sassy saddles shining armor pinkie pie rarity manly tears rainbow dash - 9035133696
By philip.wu1


the great and powerful trixie feels starlight glimmer derpy hooves comic maud pie luminaura - 9034333440
Via Luminaura

Caution: Feels

feels tacos sonata dusk - 8991237632
Via TJ Pones

A Progression of Feels

feels cutie mark crusaders - 8579828992
By MasterGraveheart

Equestrian Hero

applejack feels apple bloom - 8572644352
By zaboomafoo1 (Via ilianagatto)

You Remind Me of Someone

Via rizcifra
feels pmv MLP - 72573697

RIP Golden Oaks Library PMV

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Sunset Shimmer's Sad

Sad feels rainbow rocks sunset shimmer - 8423660288
By Unknown

>Tfw No More Tacos

Taco Tuesday feels sonata dusk - 8358095872
By maorows

The Feels

feels gifs Big Macintosh - 8275707648
By niklon

Celestia's Struggle

feels princess celestia princess luna - 8225112064
By SalaComMander

This Sentry's Heart is Flash Frozen

feels waifu twilight sparkle flash sentry - 8082373888
By Atanarix

Kill It With Fire!

feels squee Scootaloo - 8078970368
By Emperor_Xenol

I Think Twilight Would Disagree

school feels twilight sparkle - 7823739392
By linkandnavi

Tactical Feels Incoming

Sad feels tara strong - 7579460096
By Unknown
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