My Little Brony


It's So Punny it Hurts

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Created by MonsterousFangirl19

It Hurts the Table More Than it Hurts You

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Created by TrebleCleft

Now She Totally Lost It (Mindbuck)

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Created by Zombie_Dowlphin

If You're Going to Do a Pun, Do it Right

facehoof Awkward puns celestia rainbow dash - 7412115456
Created by Khyloa

Tastes Like Marshmallows

marshmallows facehoof wtf all the things - 7406559744
Created by Yozhel1426

It's Weird How Many Times Applejack Does This

applejack facehoof twilight sparkle - 7234078976
Created by Pheonixbreath


applejack facehoof hiding - 6923151104
Created by DeathByCupcakes

Tastes Like Rainbows

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Created by CancelSanity

Scootaloo Heard About Saturday

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Created by ladydestinae

Applejack Likes Force Feeding Apples

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Created by Bendyrulz


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Created by Unknown