My Little Brony


Ponies Invade a Storefront in Italy

art eyes MLP - 8507933440

MFW I Contemplate The Universe

eyes pinkie pie reaction gif - 8500334080
By pixarpal95

Applejack Has Special Eyes

applejack eyes granny smith - 8002492160
By Nicolas_M

Every Time

eyes - 7777676544
By bobsicle0

Mother of Oh God Why

eyes rainbow dash - 7673460480
By Dxthegod

Twilight Desu

twilight sparkle eyes Sparkle - 6777392896
By CritiqalError

What's in This Little Box?

gifs derpy hooves dawww eyes - 7163995136
By RDash64 (Via Know Your Meme)

Uh... Babs? You've Got Something in Your Eye...

color eyes apple family reunion babs - 6909021696
By AvareQ

Pinkie Pie Strikes Again

eyes pinkie pie - 6638206720
By Waka_hun

And Now, Your Daily Dose of D'AAAWWWWWW

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By 14flash (Via Dan Vs FiM)

You Noticed?

celestia eyes mane one does not simply TV - 6259282176
By SpookyAzzHero

Her Eyes Aren't Red

Deal With It dj PON-3 eyes gifs meme red - 6216649728
By Defender_of_5


applejack coloring book derp eyes ponies wtf - 5361870848
By hellookelly

Such Lovely Eyes...

eyes fluttershy pinkie pie - 5015631360
By TheMuchi