My Little Brony

duck face

Get Your Priorities Straight, Pinkie

instagram duck face pinkie pie - 8501363968
By thatfandomlyfe

Sweetie Belle Joins The Ranks

Sweetie Belle duck face MLP - 8117791744
By Unknown

The Duck Face Plague Strikes Again

cutie mark crusaders duck face mlp season 4 - 8077776128
By maorows

The Season's Truth

looney tunes bugs bunny duck face MLP Rule 34 - 8068490240
By Cubonator

Rainbow Dash Joins The Flock

mane 6 duck face rainbow dash - 8053144832
By jinrex015

Duck Face Pony May Be Concerned Pony

duck face hipster fluttershy - 8056899328
By rognertholl

Blue Steel Unleashed

applejack fashion duck face - 8049466368
By ohrearry

All The Duckfaces

applejack duck face pinkie pie rarity - 8049810944
By lankymanbrony

Pinkie Stahp

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By maorows

This Applies to Everypony

duck face everypony - 6594955008
By speakpeace