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doctor whooves

The Finale

the cutie re-mark spike starswirl the bearded applejack the great and powerful trixie bulk biceps sunburst discord back to the future doctor whooves terminator starlight glimmer derpy hooves twilight sparkle lyra heartstrings pinkie pie vinyl scratch doctor who rarity attack on titan chrysalis fluttershy bon bon Scootaloo octavia rainbow dash - 8594788864
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Time Travel

the cutie re-mark doctor whooves starlight glimmer - 8592048128
Created by zaboomafoo1 ( Via yiries )
doctor whooves derpy hooves - 72454657

We're Going on a Trip

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Yeah Science!

doctor whooves science - 8508842240
Created by SvenChamby

He Said The Thing! He's Wearing The Thing!

family guy doctor whooves doctor who - 8510727424
Created by pixarpal95

Doctor Whooves

Fan Art doctor whooves - 8509980160
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What's He Talking About?

gifs doctor whooves SpongeBob SquarePants 100th episode - 8509086720
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doctor whooves MLP 100th episode love science tails - 8509073408
Created by InjangoMlp

There's a Spell For That

doctor whooves MLP 100th episode science - 8508985088
Created by DeathByCupcakes

This Reference Really Tied The Episode Together

doctor whooves MLP 100th episode Big Lebowski reference - 8508847104
Created by SvenChamby

Even the Comics are Getting Tired of All These References

discord doctor whooves comics - 8463398144
Created by sylvain.daleopelissier

Applejack Is a Time Lord

applejack doctor whooves Time lord - 8409938944
Created by nabbla

Doctor Whooves Epic Speech

angel doctor whooves the doctor - 8374774528
Created by Violet_Runner
derpy hooves doctor whooves - 64574721

A Song for Doctor Whooves and Derpy

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Bronies: Making Shipping Complicated Since 2011

doctor whooves derpy hooves brony - 8301661440
Created by Pryexel

Doctor Whooves Doesn't Want to Go

doctor whooves 10th doctor MLP - 8288769792
Created by DeathByCupcakes ( Via mrs1989 )