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"Monday is re-entering the battlefield of the working world – you must come armed to the teeth! Helmet, Eye Guards, Tough Leathers and Laces – let nothing stand in your way! Dress loud, dress proud – wake your co-workers UP and carpe diem!"

"Tuesday is the beginning of acceptance towards the working world and servitude – the long week ahead and the weekend feeling far behind. Dress reserved, complacent, and at most comfortable – button down and travel forwards"

"Wednesday is the middle of the week – much work done, much work to do! Dress to pace, pull inspiration from the working mare's closet – the gardener, the the teacher, the explorer. Not too comfortable, not too loose."

"Now begins the mad dash! Thursday is the time to make your final push! Dress tight, dress lean, dress for accuracy and dress for speed!"

"Friday is the end! It may still be a whole day, but dress like you're already at a weekend party! Shoes hurt? Won't be on them for long! Start the day in a victorious mood and I guarantee you it won't drag on! And a hat? Not every queen needs a crown!"

"f*ck it, I don't have anywhere to be"