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Maybe They're Good At Not Crying...

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All Ricks Are Equal!

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Created by ows

For Equality

MLP cutie marks legend of korra - 8474015744
Created by Dreko101
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Get It? Like a Sex Toy!?

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Guile's Theme with Cutie Markless

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Bad Touch!

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Created by Bendyrulz
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Cutie Markless Part 1 and 2

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All Hail, Great Leader or North Equestria

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They Finally Found It

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Evil Cutie Marks

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Created by iceing711

Cutie Mark Trolling

Scootaloo rainbow dash cutie marks - 8394168320
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My Brain Hurts

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Created by WhiteWubs

Cutie Crash (Part 2)

mythbusters fluttershy rainbow dash cutie marks - 8148043776
Created by Shine40 ( Via uotapo )

Cutie Crash (Part 1)

Fan Art fluttershy rainbow dash cutie marks - 8146519552
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Such Teasing!

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Created by pixarpal95

What Kind of Talent Do They Have?

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Created by philip.wu1