My Little Brony


Two Episodes Later

applejack honesty crying - 8497720064
Created by OctaviaRave

Crying on the Inside, My Ass!

applejack crying - 8494156288
Created by Bendyrulz

Can't Hide that Liquid Pride

applejack crying web comics - 8484677888
Created by robonorm ( Via man-colter )

Fig.1: Humiliated Fluttershy

angel gifs water crying - 6829720832
Created by liovanhooten

Couldn't Help It

Sad Sweetie Belle crying - 6815547904
Created by DeathByCupcakes

I Don't Think I'll Ever Stop

comic comics crying my little dashie - 6491611648
Created by mmmmmmorshu

Leave Dashie Alone!

crying lesbian rain rainbow dash Sad the internets - 6490513408
Created by DetonatorKing

Saddest Moment in History

crying fluttershy futurama meme TV - 6411682816
Created by ohrearry

You're Lying if You Said You Didn't

crying meme my little dashie SpongeBob SquarePants - 6285612544
Created by Mortuaryjoe

So Confused

crying fanfic my little dashie Rage Comics smile - 6264090624
Created by Rogenhamen

Trixie Just Wants to Be Part of the Show

crying gabby gums meme Sad trixie - 6056473088
Created by Unknown

Sad Spike is Sad

crying Sad spike TV - 5991258112
Created by BLAHGUY126

It's Alright to Cry

chuck norris comic comics crying - 5744036864
Created by Redgameboy

So Much D'AWWWW and Sadness

comic comics crying dawwww pinkie pie Sad - 5699791104
Created by mysockhurts


art best of week crying fluttershy - 5581568512
Created by missHRJ

They Have Feelings Too

crying play Sad TV - 5576951040
Created by oshawottcheezburgerz
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