My Little Brony


I Did!

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By SilentWanderer

You Knew Better Than To Leave it There

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By DeathByCupcakes

Amy Mebberson Speaks Truth

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By TomSFox

Honesty is the Best Policy!

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By GamerGuy4000

After Scrolling Through the Comments Section

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By EKessler


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By bronette

Something Unexpected, But Welcome All the Same

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By Aoxi_The_Banisher

Dear Fox News

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By e.squeezey

Grossly Incandescent

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By Novem_Vulpes (Via ignition4596)

That's a Weird Way to Spell Rarity...

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By Unknown

Thou Even Got the Scales Right

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By Novem_Vulpes (Via Ignition4596)

Best Commenter of the Year

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By Cubonator

Proud to be a Brony

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Via Comments from here.

Um... Sorry, Commenters...*eek*

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By propane-n-converse

I Love the Comments

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By randombrony

My Special Talent is Playing My 3DS!

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By chaizo
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