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One heck of a year indeed

dragon spike twilight sparkle comics - 9504125952
Created by DatToffer


applejack comics neuro pone Memes final form - 9256235520
Via Neuro Pone

Only in Canada

Canada applejack screencap comics the crystalling canada day - 9183866880
Created by Prospirit

One Mare's Trash

shipping starlight glimmer comics the mean six chrysalis changelings - 9175053568


pun pony OC comics wadusher0 - 9127071488
Via Ask Pun

Damnit, Math!

secrets and pies comics puns pi bennimarru math rainbow dash - 9099427328
Via bennimarru

Equestrian Hero

OC comics acting like animals rainbow dash greyscale - 9093388032
Via Grey Art Post

Spooktober the First

Sweetie Belle apple bloom nightmare night comics princess luna spooky scary skeletons Scootaloo - 9080900864
Created by Moth.Eater ( Via Derpibooru )

A Little Tiff

spike moon dancer starlight glimmer twilight sparkle comics pancakes fanfiction comic adorkable twilight and friends - 9023529984
Via Adorkable Twilight and Friends

How about a Glass of Water?

comics edit - 9001415936
Via Derpibooru

It's Just a Random Cover...

marble pie comics Big Macintosh - 8598474240
Created by zaboomafoo1

Friendship Is Magic Anime-Style by Mauroz

twilight sparkle comics pinkie pie princess celestia - 8596306688
Created by Charelz ( Via Mauroz )

Take It Down a Notch, Maud

comics - 8574594048
Via foudubulb

Somepony Never Learns

twilight sparkle comics big mac - 8509446656
Created by Unknown

Behold Your Wildest Dreams Came True

powerpuff girls three stooges comics sailor moon MLP - 8493590016
Created by Unknown

Do You See What I See?

comics sailor moon MLP background ponies - 8467617792
Created by Unknown
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