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First Eggnog

christmas the great and powerful trixie starlight glimmer 5mmumm5 - 9411407360
By Tineid (Via 5mmumm5)
christmas spitfire derpy hooves twilight sparkle halo soarin fluttershy bon bon rainbow dash - 100959489

An FTH Christmas

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christmas pinkie pie heir of rick - 9409809920
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For U

christmas the great and powerful trixie - 9409812224
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christmas applejack heir of rick - 9406707456
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christmas miokomata fluttershy - 9403681024
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Dear Santa

christmas tj pones rainbow dash - 9403693824
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Little Sleigh Filly

christmas OC - 9402224640
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Seasonably Fabulous

christmas Sweetie Belle bennimarru rarity animated - 9402000128
By Tineid (Via Bennimarru)

Rough Start

christmas darksly-z rainbow dash - 9402002176
By Tineid (Via Darksly-Z)

No Peeking Under the Tree

christmas pinkie pie animated - 9400477440
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Age Ratings Are Just Numbers

christmas OC button mash brony by exception - 9399425536
By Tineid (Via Brony by Exception)

Sweater Season

king sombra typhwosion christmas chrysalis changelings - 9397028864
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christmas ask sunshine and moonbeams princess luna princess celestia anticular - 9385650432
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christmas halloween princess luna princess celestia greyscale - 9368612096
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Bad Gift

christmas OC dsp2003 brownie bun comic - 9254989824
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