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Cannon vs. Canon

cannon canon know the difference - 6859207168
Created by Kat1313

It's Official

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Created by Novem_Vulpes

A Letter Changes Everything

cannon canon meme pinkie pie twilight sparkle - 6151451136
Created by Vordrazz

The Resemblance is Uncanny!

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Created by Ploopy11

Magenta Eyes Are Canon

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Created by Unknown

Fluttershy's Dream Came True!

canon fluttershy hurricane fluttershy meme tree - 6022377728
Created by Rumpy23

Disney is Now Canon

canon disney spike TV - 5993545472
Created by manga3145


canon dragonborn fus ro dah monster new fluttershy TV - 5927074048
Created by TheReal

A Suggestion for the State of the Union Address

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Created by gbeaudette

When Derpy Talked

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Created by mikemcbrony

Finally, Something Hasbro Does Right

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Created by AnonymousLaughs

I Feel So Loved Right Now...

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Created by Spudmuffins

We All Know Where This Is Going

brace yourselves canon derpy hooves meme - 5723354880
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Fanon Is Canon

Bronies canon derpy hooves fanon meme MLP FiM - 5723191808
Created by buffhobo

MLP Canon Gets Weirder and Weirder

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Created by urkelbot666

Then It Is Canon!

animation canon meme stop it - 5660245760
Created by itroitnyah