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Doesn't Everypony?

twilight sparkle cows r tasty books the point of no return - 9299377664
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Book it to Bed

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Just Relax and Read

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Just 10 More Pages Before Bed!

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Shameless Self Promotion

OC books - 9282305536
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Daring DON'T

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Twilight Simulator (If You Don't Like Long Posts, Quit Now)

dragon spike equestria girls scitwi twilight sparkle Memes books twilight comic princess celestia double w brothers - 9253348864
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This Is My Home Now

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That Pony Sure Does Love Books (and Socks)

slb94 twilight sparkle books - 9234976000
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That Pony Sure Does Love Books

ohemo twilight sparkle books chrysalis changelings - 9204971008
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What Part of "Book Horse" Do You Not Understand?

tj pones twilight sparkle books princess celestia - 9196985600
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Give It Back

twilight sparkle books rainbow dash - 9195853056
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