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Party Cannon to the Face

best of week gifs party cannon pinkie pie soccer the internets - 6306477312
Created by Cubonator

Shut Up and Take My Bits

20 Percent Coole 20 Percent Cooler awesome best of week car fillies rainbow dash twenty percent cooler - 6309221888
Created by SkySceneRock ( Via generalmumble )

Steampunk is Magic

best of week comic comics Steampunk TV - 5860325376
Created by wintermint

Tara Strong is Best Human!

best pony best of week facebook human IRL news tara strong - 6308592896
Created by ArcticTikaani


best of week fluttershy IRL welcome to the herd yay - 6306728960
Created by DeathByCupcakes

With Twilightniss Sparkledeen

best of week book crossover Movie hunger games - 5923330816
Created by ForeverFluttershy
best of week Bronies masculinity Video - 38589697

Bronies Changing Social Conventions

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As Well as a Fervent Fandom

best of week fandom my little pony star wars the internets - 6279891456
Created by lolpls

Never Fortrololololololol

best of week Death meme Sad trololololo - 6296406528
Created by gamer20002

More Fun Than a Plushie Fight

art best of week Bronies the internets very demotivational - 6286116352
Via verydemotivational

You Won't Like a Brony When He's Angry

angry best of week Bronies IRL love and tolerate lyra - 6282796288

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

best of week rainbow dash religion the internets true story - 6276378880
Created by HaouJudai

Welcome to the Herd

best of week Bronies IRL meme teens react Video welcome to the herd - 6274152448
Created by Unknown

How Pinkie Pie Makes Friends

best of week call me maybe friends meme Party pinkie pie - 6275531776
Created by ibongbakal

My Element is Sentimentality

best of week elements of harmony IRL my little brony the internets - 6217660160
Created by Jeaver15


best of week brony gifs so excited the internets toys - 5925997312
Created by Unknown