My Little Brony


That's a Tech Minded Pony

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By The_Fool_on_the_Hill

I Need It In Watch Form

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By JackdaMan171 (Via drawponies)

AJ's Portrayal of Hamlet Focuses A Lot on Apples

apple banana applejack shakespeare - 8202408192
By Sephiroth1993


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By Qwertzuy (Via whatsapokemon)

Cover It With Caramel and Its a Treat For a Giant

apple argument is invalid MLP - 8080655616
By DeathByCupcakes

Equestria Girls is iTunes' Movis of The Week

equestria girls iTunes apple - 8026619392
By Unknown

Destination Is On The Right

apple pinkie pie - 7948116992
By DeathByCupcakes

How Dare Ya'll

poll applejack apple - 7870237952
By QuickDaps

An Apple A Day

applejack doctor who apple - 7826254592
By AndysLife


applejack eeyup big mac apple - 7687252480
By wcclark (Via dm29)

Apple Just Got More Sales

apple funny cutie marks - 7444090624
By TrebleCleft

The Most Expensive Cutie Mark Ever?

expensive apple cutie marks funny - 7437414144
By ZoeIsBestPony

Scootaloo's Map

Scootaloo apple Maps - 6684469504
By Sparkle95

Nature's Bounty, Indeed

apple applejack dat ass trapperjack - 6609503744
By Circus_Gothika

Ponies Rule, Apple Drools

apple - 6602162432
By Zaehlas

Episode 1 Alternate Ending

Alternate Ending apple comic comics explosion - 5813893632
By Cadaverousink