My Little Brony

animation error

Maud Eye Error

animation error pinkie pie maud pie - 8108679168
By Z

Reminds Me of 1990's Disney

animation error background pony that looks naughty - 8075276032
By Seelkadoompony

Extra Ear or Fluttershy is Broken and Dropping Pieces?

animation error fluttershy - 8072435456
By _Michael_

That Wink Melts Every Heart

animation error fluttershy derp - 8064949504
By acidxsilence

That's Horrifying

animation error twilight sparkle - 8001244928
By Lifeinsteps

Most Awkward Animation Error Ever

animation error daring do wingboner - 7945817088
Via yellowfur

Oh, Those Animation Errors...

animation error ecce homo gifs - 6621138432
By Cubonator

Changelings, Changelings Everywhere

animation error changelings pinkie pie - 6618072064
By RainbowDashIsAwesome
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