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Meanwhile in Japan

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Flying is Overrated Anyway

alicorn twilight twilight sparkle flying - 7698346496
Created by BloomingPonies

Oh, Thank You for Ruining That for Me!

alicorn twilight Memes - 7641563392
Created by ThePizzaPie

Twilight Sparkle is a Monster

alicorn twilight comics chocolate milk - 7602558464
Created by maorows

Her Talent IS Magic After All

alicorn twilight my little pony wings realization - 7416053760
Created by floorganized_spaz

I Must Get a Ticket

alicorn twilight equestria girls movies Memes - 7368992000
Created by BloodyThumbsDown

The Real Reason

alicorn twilight twitter star wars meghan mccarthy - 7348984576
Created by algae117 ( Via raikoh-illust )

WTF am I Rooting For?

alicorn twilight twitter twilight sparkle meghan mccarthy - 7335047424
Created by TomSFox

Everything Will Be Just Fine

alicorn twilight song season 3 finale - 7237765120
Via fracturedloyalty

That's Why She Was Made Into an Alicorn!

alicorn twilight twilight sparkle - 7135520000
Created by Unknown

We Need a Flying Lesson in Season 4

alicorn twilight art season 4 rainbow dash - 7114468352
Created by wcclark ( Via Alasou )

Alicorn Twilight's Advice

alicorn twilight puns Memes image macro - 7112278016
Created by Unknown

It Just Doesn't Matter

alicorn twilight cupcakes parties - 7098555136
Created by Bronynonymous

WTF Destiny?

alicorn twilight destiny wings - 7085748736
Created by OFC_operator

Late to the Party

alicorn twilight youtube season 4 - 7080965120
Created by Taiyokun

Spider Princess Does Whatever a Spider Princess Does

alicorn twilight princess twilight - 7074449152
Created by mutronics
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