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The Dazzlings

FIinally! The Last Part In the MLP-Humanized-Vampire Saga!

vampire The Dazzlings MLP - 8566524160
By slasher1113 (Via uotapo)

10/10 Would Do It

gifs The Dazzlings - 8559236608
By maorows

She Doesn't Look a Day Over 998

birthday The Dazzlings cute - 8558600448
By maorows (Via fbksru521)

Dazzlings Theft Auto

mashup The Dazzlings - 8542365696
By maorows (Via vbast)
Alternate Ending equestria girls Hasbro The Dazzlings - 70941185

Hasbro Accidentally Creates Alternative Ending

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Badgirl Selfies

The Dazzlings selfie - 8483977728
By iceing711

Not All Villains Think Alike

starlight glimmer The Dazzlings - 8477983488
By DeathByCupcakes

Dazzling Food Choices

food pizza The Dazzlings - 8470327040
By DeathByCupcakes (Via ask-sonata-dusk-and-friends)

You're the Leader, You Give Her The Talk

that looks naughty The Dazzlings - 8466690304
By maorows
rainbow rocks The Dazzlings that sounds naughty - 69627649

Out of Context Fun

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pmv rainbow rocks The Dazzlings - 69449985

The Backstreet Dazzlings

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Imaginary Subway

The Dazzlings sandwich - 8452708352
By maorows (Via junstephen)

Get In Loser, We're Going Singing

The Dazzlings mean girls - 8444623360
By brucecore

What Happens To Sirens Who Can't Sing?

Via 0bluse
guitar rock rainbow rocks The Dazzlings - 68519681

Under Our Spell Gets Beefed Up

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The Siren Song

IRL sirens The Dazzlings - 8441469184
By NaClson (Via siansaar)
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