My Little Brony


After Watching a Few Episodes to Make Fun of It...

Sad Bronies friends rainbow dash - 7393774592
Created by SvenIzzy

Getting Left Out

Sad ponies lyra hands - 7355561984
Created by TehCoffee

Poor Dashie...

fourth wall dawww Sad rainbow dash - 7255521024
Created by Vinyl_Scratch_FiM ( Via Facebook )

To Derp, or Not to Derp...

Sad gifs derpy hooves muffins derp - 7217821952
Created by Noob1030

Its Luna's Turn to Sing!

Sad comics luna - 7181777664
Created by eelan92

Expecting Someone Else?

Sad applejack Spider-Man - 7158001664
Created by The_Fool_on_the_Hill

Poor Princess

Sad cadance princesses - 7140814848
Created by iambobbytwix

He Was the Rock to End it All

Sad rocks tom - 6779449344
Created by RDash64

Does Twilight Expect Spike to Do That?

Sad spike mario nintendo - 7113446912
Created by Lars Tollefsen

Noir Pony

Sad gifs twilight sparkle - 7093883648
Created by wcclark ( Via YouTube )


Sad Pokémon twilight sparkle stone pikachu - 7085059072
Created by TomSFox

So Many Feels

Sad try not to cry feels - 7069477888
Created by pixarpal95

Is There Anypony Who Fully Liked the Finale?

Sad season 3 finale anypony - 7069490176
Created by blackcosmogirl

The. Worst. Possible. Thing!

Sad derpy hooves rarity - 7050003456
Created by BigHarry

Why Can't I Hold All These D'awwwwwws?

Sad hnnng dawwwww rainbow dash - 7047901696
Created by Charelz

Can't Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

Sad cake cute Memes - 7030859008