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Plush toys starlight glimmer twilight sparkle animated - 9098840576
Via Neko Kevin

Best Pony

Plush discord princess celestia - 9022491904
Via Krrrokozjabrra

I Dunno What to Write Here but Something About Your Waifu or Memes Probably

Plush discord toys twilicane princess celestia - 9018541056
Created by OFC_operator ( Via Derpibooru )


Plush toys - 8989530880
Created by DAEGON1

Bunch of Plushies

Plush toys starlight glimmer twilight sparkle comic - 8985950720
Created by zaboomafoo2 ( Via 4chan [NSFW] )

I Won It Fair and Square

Plush discord toys fluttershy - 8983273216
Via Jittery the Dragon

Bootleg Pone

bootleg anonymous Plush toys pinkie pie comic - 8982095872
Via Shouting is Fun

Equestria's Sunrise

Plush princess luna princess celestia - 8821375488
Created by DerpyNight ( Via Ardas91 )

Cuddliest Headcrab

Plush half life toys pinkie pie headcrab - 8820342272
Created by Sydriosis ( Via P0w3rPorco )


applejack Plush animated - 8803134464
Via Valmiiki

Horn Warmer Gone Wrong

Plush that looks naughty twilight sparkle lyra heartstrings - 8763132160
Created by Sydriosis ( Via Underpable )

This Needs to Stop

derpy hooves i-just-dont-know-what-went-wrong Plush toys - 8753244160
Created by PumpkinMaker

Hide Your Glass of Chocolate Milk

Plush twilight sparkle - 8401606656
Created by maorows ( Via )

Rate This Plushie

Plush rainbow dash - 8379863296
Created by maorows

Pinkie! What Did You Do!?

pinkie pie Plush rainbow dash - 8274206976
Created by DeathByCupcakes

Beanie Pony Baby

Fan Art Plush fluttershy squee - 8273953280
Via spacevoyager