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It's No Equestria, But Japan Has a MLP Cafe!

my little pony cafe japan
Via My Little Pony Japan
pmv MLP Japan - 73169409

Yes, Just Yes

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Fluttershy Loves Japan

Japan fluttershy squee - 8371321088
By Shine40 (Via teh lumineko)

Snowponies in Japan

pony MLP Japan snowman - 8056827904
By Shine40

If Equestria Girls Were In Japan

equestria girls twilight sparkle Japan - 8056949760
By Shine40 (Via uotapo)
alicorn twilight videos Japan - 54510849

Meanwhile in Japan

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Notice the Difference?

Japan rainbow dash - 7760021504
By Rainbowb4sh

Ponies Will Rule EVERYTHING

ponies Bronies pinkie pie Japan - 7240433664
By Sephiroth1993
Music my little pony videos Japan opening - 49079041

The Japanese Opening of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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Culture Shock

rarity Japan - 7010896640
By BlackSeventeen
Japan - 46965505

Japanese My Little Pony Expo

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