Game of Thrones

tyrion lannister

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Westeros is a Lannister's Paradise

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I Need a Drink After That Episode

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Yes or No?

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Tyrion More-Than-Half-a-Man Lannister, Ladies and Gentlemen

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Tyrion's Defense

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Westerama Revival

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Did You Check for Flecks?

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These 7 Ad Campaigns Work Perfectly With Game of Thrones

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Truly the Ugliest

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The Entire GoT Fandom if Something Happens to Tyrion

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Remember When You're Feeling Very Small and Insecure

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I Could Watch This All Day

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Glad He Didn't (Book Spoilers!)

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Half the Man, Twice the Clever

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Future Goals

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We All Know Who Should Really be on the Throne

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