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Sure Beats Trying to Run

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best tweets from twitter about battle of the bastards

Twitter Had a Lot to Say About "the Battle of the Bastards"

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Cannot Be Unseen

cannot be unseen
Via @JarettSays
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This Shall Now be Known as "The Westeros Wing"

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Maisie Williams Shut Down a Sexist Headline With the Perfect Tweet

maisie williams shut down a sexist headline with a single tweet
Via @Maisie_Williams

I Really Only Want to Follow Daenerys

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By Unknown

Want to Bring Down King Joffrey?

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By Tyler Stenburg (Via Bring Down the King)

Jon Snow Scenes + Snow Patrol Lyrics = JonSnowPatrol

jon snow patrol
Via @LordSnow
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One Wedding We Can All Agree On

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game of thrones red wedding

One of the Game of Thrones Writers Re-Watched the Red Wedding and Live-Tweeted the Whole Thing

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