Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen

Actually, No One Liked Him

Game of Thrones memes everyone hates Rhaegar.
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That's a Titanic-Sized Dragon

Game of thrones memes season 5 Dany could have helped out some of these people.
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If It's Any Consolation, The Actress is 26

Game of Thrones Emilia Clarke khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen - 7734455040

'Fraid So Old Boy...

Game of thrones memes season 5 Barristan Selmy learns a valuable lesson from Daario

Teenage Dragons Can Be So Difficult

Game of thrones memes season 5 dany and her dragons will have a tough time for a bit
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Double the Daenerys, Double the Dragons?

cosplay Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones - 7896739072
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Dishonor on Your Cow

Game of Thrones Fan Art Daenerys Targaryen - 8202669312
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Daenerys Targaryen Learned a Lot After She Saw Jurassic World

Game of thrones memes season 5 Dany handles her dragons Chris Pratt style.
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