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Overly Attached Wildling

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The Gods Aren't Known for Being Fair

you hang in there theon
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This Is so Accurate

watching game of thrones intro too long meme
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Damn Ramsay, Back at it Again With the Lunacy

damn ramsey back at it again with the lunacy
Via bloodydeath11

The Morning After Game of Thrones is Always Rough

the morning after game of thrones is always rough
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It All Makes Sense Now

it all makes sense now
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Sad, but True

sad but true
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jon snow knows nothing saw nothing
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got is over weekend is over
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Those Were Simpler Times...

Game of Thrones Memes ramsay bolton - 8806436864
Created by NowhereMan20

Call Him Captain Ramsay

call him captain ramsay
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Damn You, HBO!

hbo is such a tease
Via @9000x
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Surprise, Bitch!

surprise bitch
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