With The Walking Dead Over, We're Shutting Down

With The Walking Dead Over, We're Shutting Down View Fullscreen
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I know, it's not fair. That finale set up Team Rick vs Terminus, which sounds like the most awesome of seasons, but then they go and pull an Andrea.

While Rick and the gang stew in that train car over the summer, we're going to take a break, eat some pudding and easy cheese and then maybe take a look at some flowers. You know, normal summer things, so until the show returns next fall this site is going into hibernation mode.

Starting now, there will be no new updates. You'll still be able to access this site through URL, but starting this Friday, April 4th, the site will be gone from the Cheezburger navigation. So, if you wanna stick around until Season 5, make sure you bookmark this page before Friday.

Keep one eye open for the site to return from the dead when Season 5 starts.

Until then, Happy Walker Hunting!