Play This Game and Help Cure Cancer

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From the video description:

Play to CureTM: Genes in Space is a new pioneering mobile phone game from Cancer Research UK, which lets players unravel real cancer data through a space game.

What would have taken scientists hours to analyse, can now be done faster with your help and the collective force of thousands of players. Watch this to find out more about the game and see real game play. Download at the Apple App Store or Google Play.

How Micro-transactions Have Destroyed the Gaming Industry

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Nerdcubed really loves Dungeon Keeper, and it is a fantastic game. To his surprise a mobile remake of the game was recently released and it is free to play so why not revisit one of his favorite experiences again...

This video shows what is wrong in the world of gaming and Nerdcubed is really upset people who don't know better think this kind of gouging is okay.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, obligatory EA ruining another franchise. Goodnight, sweet prince.

Disclaimer: Nerdcubed's rant contains lots of explicit language.

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