Find Out How Long It Would Take to Play Through Your Steam Library

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Just enter your Steam username and see not only how long it would take you to play your whole library, but what other "better" things you could be doing with your time, like, you know, running a bunch of marathons.

How many hours do you have ahead of you?

Watch Your Friends Play With Steam Broadcasting

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It's currently in beta, but Steam users can now broadcast their gameplay for friends or strangers.

Starting today you can watch your friends' games with the click of a button via Steam Broadcasting, now available in beta. When you see a friend in game, simply click on "Watch Game" from their profile or from the Steam Client Friend's List to open a window into their gameplay — no game ownership, special fees, or additional apps required.

Find out more from Steam.

Steam Trading is a Changin'

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Want to trade games? You better plan ahead; there's now a 30 day wait period between time of purchase and tradability in an effort to deter fraudulent resellers.

From the announcement:

All new games purchased as a gift and placed in the purchaser's inventory will be untradable for 30 days. The gift may still be gifted at any time. The only change is to trading.

We've made this change to make trading gifts a better experience for those receiving the gifts. We're hoping this lowers the number of people who trade for a game only to have the game revoked later due to issues with the purchaser's payment method.

A thirty day wait period makes sense by this logic, but it sure has messed up my holiday trading. But don't worry, any gifting you're planning to do out of the kindness of your heart remains intact.

Free This Weekend? Spend It Playing Free Games on Steam

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Steam's got a massive free weekend today through 1 pm on Sunday, with 10 free titles to play all weekend long:

Blade Symphony
Company of Heroes 2
Don't Starve
Grid 2
Killing Floor
Payday 2
Trine 2
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Shut up and take my m--er, bandwith!

Tired of Game Soundtracks? Steam's Letting You Listen to Whatever You Want

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But I could already listen to whatever I want, you say? Not from within Steam, you couldn't:

Point Steam to the MP3s on your computer, then browse your collection of albums and artists. You'll also find your Steam Soundtracks DLC in your Steam Music library when the associated base game is installed. Listen to albums, queue up mixes, and create playlists you love, right in your Steam library. Best of all, it's all available right within the Steam Overlay, so you can control playback without leaving your game. The Steam Music library and player consist of all the basics you need to enjoy your music without switching tasks.

In celebration of this new feature, Valve is giving away the soundtracks to the Half-Life and Portal series' to those who own the games, in case you want some other games to be a triumph.