Rockstar Releases GTA V 60FPS Trailer

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This gorgeous new trailer is making a hell of an entrance this morning. Taking what was a damn fine looking game and making it DAMN FINER.

Grand Theft Auto V Had the Best Update This Year

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It's the Grand Theft Auto V Independence Day Special, and it's chock-full of 'Murican goodies fit for celebrating the best damn holiday of the year. Goodies like:

The Liberator.

Firework rocket launchers.

Grills that give off red, white, and blue stars.

And motorcycles. Lots and lots of motorcycles.

The content pack will be available to purchase through mid-July.

This Glitch Allows You to Find Your Way to North Yankton in GTA Online

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Follow the steps in this video, and you'll be able to access the town of North Yankton in GTA Online, normally only available in the single player mode. If we're lucky, its existence online could mean the area may be used in a future update.