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Overwatch's latest comic "Reflections" went live today on the game's website. The comic is focused on the shifty pixie-like character, Tracer, and tells a pleasantly heartwarming holiday tale centered on several members from the game's cast.

But most exciting with regards to this comic is the official unveiling of Tracer's sexual orientation. See some shots of the comics below:

Via: Blizzard

Tracer as depicted in the picture above, is seen kissing another woman who she appears to be living with. Emily is not part of the Overwatch team, and it is confirmed later on in the comic that she's dating Tracer when they attend Winston's holiday party together. 


Fans React to the Reveal that Tracer is Gay

In case you missed it, yesterday Blizzard released their latest Overwatch Comic which had a big reveal for fans of the game. The reveal came when Tracer arrived home to her girlfriend/wife, Emily.

People are generally pretty excited over this one, but there was a minority of negative reactions.

Here's the comic in question with the reactions below.

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