The Avengers

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Writers, G. Willow Wilson and Marguerite Bennett have been handed the keys to an all female Avengers book to premiere this spring. With art by Jorge Molina, the team will pick up after the heroes of the Marvel Universe disband, following the events of Secret Wars.

The Line-Up:


Medusa (Inhumans)

Dazzler (X-Men)

Nico Minoru (The Runaways)

Singularity (new to the Marvel Universe)

This move is another in a move toward diverse representation that Marvel has made over the past several years. With Miles Morales, Kamala Kahn, Spider Gwen, the new Thor, Sam Wilson's Captain America, and an all female X-Men team, Marvel continues to push against the white male superhero mold.

cosplay The Avengers ladies - 8138893056
By Ross (Via ABC)
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The female Avengers burlesque cosplay group could not go ten feet before being asked to pose for photos.