Xena the Warrior Princess is coming back, apparently.
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And the carousel of 1990s nostalgia continues making everyone dizzy.

Flavorwire, along with many other outlets, is reporting the return of Xena: Warrior Princess

From 1995-2001, the show about an eponymous warrior princess out to redeem her past sins charmed many with it's campy sensibilities and striking lead actress, Lucy Lawless. Well, NBC wants to see if the magic is still there.

Before you feel all like:

You should know that the reboot is in it's infancy.

It's so early in the project's development, in fact, that the "modern reboot" is still searching for a writer. Thus, all info about the series — which was originally created by Tapert and John Schulian — is written in totally vague terms, as in the aforementioned THR news piece: the fact that "producers are said to be looking for a sophisticated and smart superhero for a new generation" doesn't give provide much in the way of concrete details, given that no one's expecting them to be looking for a dumb superhero for a bygone generation.

This show would join the large roster of 1990s television shows that are suddenly hurdling back at us, from Full House to next January's X Files miniseries.

But just think, we could here this fearsome battle cry again before too much longer.

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HBO is getting back into the mockumentary game with the upcoming movie 7 Days in Hell starring Kit Harrington and Andy Samberg as two rival tennis pros.

The minute-long trailer only gives you a taste of the tournament to come, but it at least leaves us comfortable in the knowledge that Will Forte is involved. We can all sleep easy after that.

This marks a presumptive comedic turn for Harrington, who has mostly stayed on the dour side of things as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. Although, he has shown that he can be pretty funny if given the chance.