Surprise, Surprise: Hayao Miyazaki's Probably Coming Out of Retirement and Studio Ghibli Isn't Shutting Down

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After his comments sparked fears that Studio Ghibli was done for, Toshio Suzuki clarified on NHK's Asa Ichi that the company isn't shutting down at all:

We're changing the way we make (animation). We wanted to make a dream company. We thought we would make what suited us and not make what didn't suit us. We were able to realize (that dream) to some extent and we're very happy about that. But now we're at a point where we've got to think about what we'll do next.

He didn't go into detail about what that means, but at least we know they aren't packing up shop. Suzuki also revealed that Miyazaki may come out of retirement again, but so far only to make a short film to be featured at the Ghibli Museum.

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