star trek into darkness

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Anton Yelchin died in a car accident Sunday morning. The talented young actor's colleagues, collaborators, and friends have already stepped forward to pay their respects following this truly horrendous and tragic event.












Rest in peace Anton Yelchin. You were taken from us all too soon, and you will be missed. 

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The Royal Canadian Mint announced the release of an extensive set of Star Trek coins being released over the next few months to mark the 50th Anniversary.

Most impressively though has to be the Starfleet-delta shaped coin. The coin has a crazy face value of $200 Canadian dollars! But it also happens to be minted in gold, so expect to pay way more than $200 if you decide to make a run at these coins. 

Other coins are minted in silver, like the USS Enterprise coin which is face-valued at $20:

Via: trekcollective

Check out pictures of the rest of the Star Trek currency over here!

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I love Eggs Benedict Cumberbund Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Pine too, but there are some problems with JJ Abrams' version. What's your least favorite thing about the reboot?

Benedict Cumber-Bond Villain of the Day
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With Skyfall bringing Bond back this October, and Daniel Craig signed up for at least two more movies, it's time to spin the rumor mill for 007's next Big Bad.

The big news from an insider source claims that Sherlock star Bandersnatch Cummerbund Benedict Cumberbatch is "considered perfect Bond villain material," and "the plan is for Benedict to be on board."

If this is true, Cumberbatch will already be established as a baddie -- he's Kirk's enemy for the next Star Trek and terrorizing The Hobbit as Smaug.

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