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Canadians and Trekkies have been “Spocking” their five-dollar bills for years, but since Leonard Nimoy’s death there’s a been a surge in people sharing the defaced bills online to pay tribute.

Last week the Canadian Design Resource (CDR) Twitter account encouraged its followers to scribble on former Canadian Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s face to honor Nimoy.



There’s a community on Facebook called “SpockingYourFives” which explains the origins which is says are “shrouded in secrecy.”

Many years ago, some clever individual whos name has no doubt been forgotten in the annals of time noticed that Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s portrait on the Canadian five-dollar bill looked remarkably like a certain famous Vulcan. And thus the Spock five was born. With the advent of the new Canadian five-dollar bill, Laurier looks even more like Leonard Nimoy, ensuring the Spock five has a long and prosperous future.

With the increased attention towards “Spocking,” the Bank of Canada has come out saying that the practice is actually perfectly legal, but they still don’t want you to do it.

“The Bank of Canada feels that writing and markings on bank notes are inappropriate as they are a symbol of our country and a source of national pride,” bank spokeswoman Josianne Menard told theCBC.

Captain Kirk approves:



Images Via: Twitter/CDR

Via: Movieclips Trailers
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What do you guys think? Looks like some of those aliens are kiind of even styled off the Asari race from Mass Effect...

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It's not all about the base this time; CREATURE's 'All About That Bass' parody is all about that space, and has some important advice for JJ Abrams regarding Episode VII. Here's a sneak peek at the lyrics:

Because you know I'm all about that space,
'Bout that space, love tribbles
I'm all 'bout that space, 'bout that space, love tribbles
I'm all 'bout that space, 'bout that space, love tribbles
I'm all 'bout that space, 'bout that space

You're bringing Star Wars back
Go and tell Adam Driver we said "Hey"!
Yo what's he playing? You got an awesome cast
But I'm here to tell you -
Make sure it's fun and thrilling not like that remake o'Robocop

Yeah the blogs they all told me don't worry bout this franchise
They say boy your first Trek film it really did get it right (smart movie movie, smart movie movie)
I love that Felicity Twilight Zone with all the dolls

So if that's what we're in for -
O! I'm already first in line!

Oh, and in case you haven't heard the news, Episode VII has an official title now!