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By Tineid
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The crystal ball is terrified of getting C&Ded by Hasbro.

Since we can't make magical predictions, how about the regular kind? DAEGON1 suggested I create a post just for season six predictions and wish-lists.
What are you hoping to see when the hiatus ends?

game of thrones season 6 photos sansa may be pregnant
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Blind Arya: check
Disheveled Daenerys: check
Bran in a cave with the Three-Eyed Raven: ?????? Dafuq are they doing outside?

Hopefully that's one of those "flashback scenes" visiting important moments in Stark history, which would also explain why Bran appears to be standing up on those crippled legs of his, but nothing will explain how grown up he looks.

If you want to see more photos from season 6, check 'em out here. Unfortunately, there are no shots of Jon Snow, but there is a potentially pregnant Sansa:

pregnant sansa

What do you think? Pregnant, or just a weird dress malfunction?