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Trump Discovers Pokemon Go

The President elect is loving this shit.
Everything makes sense now.
He's gonna make his pokedex great again.

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Via ftb_hodor
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/u/ftb_hodor, who is a self-proclaimed member of the Pokémon GO community on Reddit, went ahead and showed off his astounding collection of 142 pokémon.

According to the Pokemon Go master, he caught over 4,250 Pokemon, had to walk over 153 kilometers and reached Level 31 while completing his collection of catchable Pokemon. Helping him complete the collection so quickly was that he lives near an area of Central Park that has four PokeStops clustered together.

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Just this morning Pokémon Go Hub went ahead and published a Pokémon Go spawn rate chart, which uses over 100 million data points from Poké Radar’s “prediction algorithm dataset.” In English, this sh*t is highly accurate.

Some interesting things to note:

Pidgey is more common than Rattata...

Dragonite is the 'least common' after the (non-existent) Legendary Pokémon.

After that, the least common Pokémon are:

Gyarados (how'd they spell it wrong in that table though...) has the same spawn rate as Kabutops.

Male Nidorans are more common than female Nidorans.

You'll encounter 21 Pikachus for every 10,000 Pokémon you encounter...