Winter's Effed Up

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Warning: This language is definitely not for a kid's show.

‘SNL’ Imagines Luke, Leia and Han Solo Having Senior Moments

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The "Star Wars Episode VII" trailer has already been parodied every which way imaginable, but "Saturday Night Live" shared its own take on it past weekend.

The new film will bring back original cast members Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher… only with a few more wrinkles.

Catcall Parody of the Day: Princess Leia Walking in NYC

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The catcall parodies are starting to get a bit old at this point, but… Star Wars!

Here's what it would be like if Princess Leia took a stroll around New York for 10 hours in a simple white dress with space buns.

The Scifi Parodies of 'All About That Bass' Continue: Now With More Franchises!

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It's not all about the base this time; CREATURE's 'All About That Bass' parody is all about that space, and has some important advice for JJ Abrams regarding Episode VII. Here's a sneak peek at the lyrics:

Because you know I'm all about that space,
'Bout that space, love tribbles
I'm all 'bout that space, 'bout that space, love tribbles
I'm all 'bout that space, 'bout that space, love tribbles
I'm all 'bout that space, 'bout that space

You're bringing Star Wars back
Go and tell Adam Driver we said "Hey"!
Yo what's he playing? You got an awesome cast
But I'm here to tell you -
Make sure it's fun and thrilling not like that remake o'Robocop

Yeah the blogs they all told me don't worry bout this franchise
They say boy your first Trek film it really did get it right (smart movie movie, smart movie movie)
I love that Felicity Twilight Zone with all the dolls

So if that's what we're in for -
O! I'm already first in line!

Oh, and in case you haven't heard the news, Episode VII has an official title now!

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