Looks Like Fox is Rebooting League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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Remember when Sean Connery turned down Lord of the Rings to be the lead in a horrible adaptaion of Alan Moore's graphic novel The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? The movie flopped so hard, Connery chose to retire from acting altogether, and now fox wants to give it another go.

League follows a group of characters famous from 19th Century British sci-fi/fantasy novels as they team up to take on the most villainous threats. Alan Quartermain, The Invisible Man, Captain Nemo, Doctor Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, and a full vampire version of Mina Harker round out the cast.

Fox tried to produce a TV series in 2013, but it never went beyond the pilot. While it feels like they're just hoping to hold onto the movie rights a little bit longer, let's hope Fox can make something decent from the property this time around.

You Can Sum Up This Cooties Trailer in Two Words: Zombie Children

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It's like you can hear the pitch meeting:

"What we made a movie with zombies...

... that are also kids?"

Disney is Working on a Princess of North Sudan Film That Sounds Awfully Colonialist

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The Hollywood Reporter announced yesterday that Walt Disney Pictures is producing a 'Princess of North Sudan' film based on the real life story of a little girl from Virginia who became the princess of North Sudan.  

If you're unfamiliar with the story and trying to place the country of North Sudan, don't worry, you didn't miss that day in Geography.  The area now known as the Kingdom of North Sudan is called Bir Tawil and remained "unclaimed" until last year when Emily Heaton asked her father if she could become a real princess, and he went out and got her a country to preside over--by country, I mean "800 square miles of desert" between Egypt and Sudan.  The family still lives in Virginia, but plans to use the Kingdom to build a sustainable farming system for Africa with the help of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

Screenwriter Stephany Folsom is now working on a script for a film inspired by Emily and her father's story, described as "focusing on the relationship between the father and daughter set against a backdrop of a fantastical adventure."  Many have responded to the film with outrage, saying it reeks of colonialism and "literal white entitlement."

Stephany Folsom responded to the critique on her Twitter account saying, 

In a series of additional (now deleted) tweets, she also defends herself with the following: 

We'll have to wait and see what comes of The Princess of North Sudan, but right now things look pretty shaky.  Hopefully this controversy sends the film back to the drawing board.