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Kristen Wiig Kills as Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons

Kristen Wiig came to The Tonight Show April 29 dressed in her finest Game of Thrones duds to do the interview.

While she might not exactly nail the Emilia Clarke impersonation, Wiig still gives a great sense of just exactly what it's like to be the Mother of Dragons.

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Via: The Tonight Show
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For the third time, Simon Pegg flexes his nerd muscles to appear on The Tonight Show as a sloppy drunk Ron Weasley.

The schtick is the same as it ever was: poor Ron Weasley has turned to drink after the world only cares about the exploits of the Boy Who Lived.

His heart's at least in the right place as he shows up on late night to wish his best friends a happy 35th birthday.

Things even have taken a turn for the worse as it appears Hermione left the penniless ginger (again) for someone, probably a Slytherin, else.

Jimmy Fallon tries to both cheer up the soused wizard and protect his talk show audience from Weasley's desire to show his junk.

Humor ensues.

The last time Drunk Ron Weasley appeared on The Tonight Show, it went just about as well.

Via: FOX 5 DC
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Apparently giving co-stars gifts like used condoms, anal beads, dead rats and pigs, wasn't enough for Leto; just yesterday the crazy fool gave Jimmy Fallon a live snake. See for yourself:

Dude, Jared Leto, you have no chill. During a recent interview with Fox 5 DC Leto said the following when asked about why he gave his poor Suicide Squad co-stars all those crazy gifts:

“The Joker loves to play games, he loves to manipulate, and that was part of the reason to do that. When you do give a gift to someone, even in real life, you think about, ‘What do I get them?,’ you think about who that person is to you, what would they like? So that immediately started to be really good homework for me. What do I give Deadshot? What’s my relationship with Deadshot? I gave Deadshot a briefcase full of bullets. It was kind of a message, it was kind of a threat, it was kind of a reminder. I wrote every character a note — a poem. What it did was that it started me on a journey into thinking what these people are, and it was a lot of fun.” (transcribed by Cinema Blend)

Here's the full 20-minute interview, if you've got that kind of time lying around; and if you want to hear Jared Leto straight up utter, 'human meat is always a great gift.'