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costumes beyonce storm Beyonce Looks Amazing Dressed as Storm But Some People Weren't So Pleased
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Beyonce dressed as Storm for Ciara's birthday party. As with anything else she pulled off the costume flawlessly but someone on the internet didn't see it that way. 

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Even Beyonce can't escape internet hate these days. 

Tumblr of The Day: Sexy Gandalf Has Taken The Internet by Storm
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It seems like everything gets a "sexy" costume for Halloween nowadays.

You would think that after a sexy Donald Trump costume was made, the world would have reached peak sexy costume. But you'd be wrong.

Meet sexy Gandalf.

Tjitske Van Vark, an 18-year-old Australian high school student, posted photos of her amazing costume creation to Tumblr, and they blew up.

She wore the costume to school for "Muck Up Day," an Australian tradition where seniors pull pranks on the last day of school.

Tumblr even featured her photo on the front page.

Thank you, Tjitske. The Internet needed this.

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