My birthday cake...Thanks for the love...

Posted by Vin Diesel on Sunday, July 19, 2015
Via: Vin Diesel
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In case you forgot that Vin Diesel was a big geek, he shamelessly reminded you on his Facebook page July 19.

The big man was celebrating his 48th birthday in his own style with this gorgeous cake shaped like Dungeons & Dragons books.

Diesel has long been open about his fandom with the table top role playing game and about how it helped him shape his identity and build confidence

He also said as much to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.


Father of the Day: This Dad Made Mjölnir for His Son Thor

Well fathers, you'll have to try harder this year because father of the year seems to have already been decided.

Crux1836 fulfilled his four-year-old son's wish to be Thor by making a replica of the Norse God's hammer.

According to his imgur page:

When I asked my son what he wanted for his 4th birthday, he said "a Thor hammer… A REAL Thor hammer!" So, I fired up the forge.

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