I Was so Lost Before Who

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What were you like before you became a Whovian?

Shut Up and Take My Money of the Day: Sherlock/Doctor Who Theme Park? Yes, Please.

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Soon you might be able to ride around in a TARDIS or soar over 221B Baker Street in a giant ferris wheel.

BBC Worldwide has signed a deal with London Resort Company Holdings to feature characters from its shows in an amusement park that is expected to open in 2020.

This means themed rides and attractions featuring characters and elements from "Doctor Who," "Sherlock," and "Top Gear" among others.

It will "combine the glamour of Hollywood with the best of British culture," according to The Guardian.

The $3.14 billion London Paramount resort is being constructed in Kent and – in addition to the rides – there will be a water attraction, a 2,000-seat theatre and 5,000 hotel rooms.

Sherlock's Getting a Christmas Special...in 2015

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Producer Sue Vertue tweeted this pic of John and Sherlock as they'll appear in the special, which is set to premiere next Christmas before season 4 the following year. So close, yet so far.

BBC/Doctor Who Facing Heat in UK For Lesbian Kiss

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Even though Madam Vastra and her one-time maid/current wife have been appearing on Doctor Who since 2011, and have been in a same sex relationship since their introduction, some folks are having some difficulty handling their kiss in the Series 8 premiere, "Deep Breath".

In case you didn't know, Vastra is a lizard-person (Silurian) who shared the Earth with the dinosaurs before entering a deep sleep. When she awoke in Victorian London, she hired a maid named Jenny, and the two became an item. In last Saturday's episode, Vastra used her super lizard power of storing oxygen to help Jenny in a no breath situation. Apparently, this is a kiss and to some it's ruining a children's show:

Found those characters that liked to display their preferences to be inappropriate for a children's program, but the BBC seem to want to become a pr0n channel and are slowly edging into it.
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