A Real Life Titan Would be a Lot Like This

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Kamo C used AR and a flying drone to create a Collosal Titan that's over 160 feet tall.  Check out the video to see how it's done, and enjoy a deftly dancing Titan.

Sony Appears to be Pursuing an Attack on Titan Adaptation

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Sony's just picked up a bunch of domains related to Attack on Titan, spreading rumors that they're making a movie out of the massively popular anime:

  • attackonthetitan-movie.com
  • attackonthetitan-movie.net
  • attackonthetitan.com
  • attackonthetitan.net
  • attackonthetitanmovie.com
  • attackonthetitanmovie.net
  • attackonthetitanthemovie.com
  • attackonthetitanthemovie.net

Currently, these domains redirect to the Sony Pictures website, and it seems entirely likely that Sony is poised to start working on an American adaptation of Attack on Titan, or at least starting talks to that end.  There are two Japanese Attack on Titan films currently in the works (they'll be out later this year), but in all likelihood they won't make it to the US and we'll get saddled with a questionable Westernized adaptation (lookin' at you, Ghost in the Shell).

Colossal Crush

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Sarina says: One of many cards I've made to help various fandoms spread the love on Valentine's Day~