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'Glum George Lucas' A Satirical Look Into the Mind of George Lucas and What Star Wars Could Have Been

Before Star Wars was ripped from his wonderful creative grasp by that fascist mouse, Lucas was well on his way to making Star Wars better than anyone had ever dreamed possible. A long line of brilliant changes and directorial decision making had brought the series to new creative heights. The brilliant character design of Jar Jar Binks and intuitive dialogue had us excited for more of what Lucas had to offer. Decisions like retroactively making Greedo shoot first only added depth to existing characters. 

'Glum George Lucas' is a wonderful insight into what could have been had Disney not seized the reigns of Star Wars.

You ready? We're almost as excited as young Anakin over here.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Was Almost Cast as Anakin Skywalker in 'Attack of the Clones'
Via: Shortlist
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You probably never knew this, but Leonardo DiCaprio was once in talks with George Lucas to become the star of the Star Wars prequels. After the success of James Cameron's box office juggernaut Titanic, a young Leo was the king of the cinematic world and a thirsty George Lucas wanted a piece. Unfortunately for Hayden Christensen haters everywhere, Leo wasn't ready to take on the spotlight of Lord Vader.

In an interview with Shortlist, Leo quoted:

I did have a meeting with George Lucas about that as well, yes. Again, just didn't feel ready to take that dive. At that point.

But, the what-if hype doesn't stop there... In that same interview with Shortlist, Leonardo DiCaprio talks about the roles of Robin in Batman Forever, as well as, Peter Parker in Spider-Man.

I never screen-tested. I had a meeting with Joel Schumacher. It was just one meeting and, no, I didn't end up doing it. As I recall I took the meeting, but didn't want to play the role. Joel Schumacher is a very talented director but I don't think I was ready for anything like that. [Spider-Man] was another one of those situations, similar to Robin, where I didn't feel ready to put on that suit yet. They got in touch with me.

We're just over here trying to figure out which will come first: Leo playing a superhero, or Leo getting an Oscar.