SHIELD Takes a Lot of Funding

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This the FBI sketch of D. B. Cooper an unidentified man who hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft on November 24, 1971, extorted $200,000 in ransom (equivalent to $1,160,000 in 2014), and parachuted to an uncertain fate. The case remains the only unsolved air piracy in American aviation history, although we now have a new suspect.

ABC Continues SHIELD, And Green Lights New Marvel Series

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ABC is continuing their Marvel investment! Not only have they officially renewed Agents of SHIELD for a second season, they've also ordered the Captain America spin-off, Agent Carter.

For those who can't recall her role in the Cinematic Universe, Peggy Carter was Cap's World War II love interest, a formidable agent, and co-founder of SHIELD. While there isn't a lot of information about Agent Carter yet, the show is being described as:

It's 1946, and peace has dealt Peggy Carter a serious blow as she finds herself marginalized when the men return home from fighting abroad. Working for the covert SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve), Peggy must balance doing administrative work and going on secret missions for Howard Stark all while trying to navigate life as a single woman in America, in the wake of losing the love of her life – Steve Rogers.
Plus we have this scene from the Marvel One-Shot available on the Iron Man 3 DVD.

Maria Hill Returning To Agents of SHIELD

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Just in time for sweeps, Marvel is bringing one of their big screen characters to the TV to help out Coulson and his crew on Marvel: Agents of SHIELD. Back for her second appearance, and fresh off of the final season of How I Met Your Mother, Cobie Smulders will be donning the uniform as Agent Maria Hill once again on April 29th.

Audiences just saw Agent Hill helping Director Fury and The Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. How will her presence on SHIELD change after the events ending that particular summer blockbuster? Also, now the HIMYM is done, should we expect to see Agent Hill more regularly as Agents of SHIELD continues?

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