Will Sony Beat Both Marvel and DC To The Female Superhero Punch?

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We're right in the middle of a giant wave of superhero movies, with four studios vying for box office dollars. One of the biggest complaints in this trend thus far, is the apparent lack of leading ladies. The two biggest contenders, Marvel and DC, have failed to produce any non-white male solo characters, but now the race is on.

Deadline is announcing that Sony has hired Lisa Joy Nolan, writer of Burn Notice, to pen a solo film for a female hero from their Amazing Spider-Man franchise to be released in 2017. The most-likely candidate, as she appeared briefly in Amazing Spider-Man 2, is Felicity Jones as Black Cat.

This news comes on the heels of Marvel head, Kevin Fiege, hoping that their first female driven superhero picture (hopefully Captain Marvel) will "come sooner rather than later", and DC's announcement that a solo Wonder Woman film is also scheduled for 2017.

2017 better prepare itself, it's shaping up to be the summer of super heroines.

ExperiencePlayStation.com is Hilariously Inaccurate

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Sony's website where you can find a PlayStation 4 kiosk near you, Experience PlayStation, is wildly inaccurate. Apparently, the nearest PlayStation kiosk to me is in the floral design company Bella Rugosa.

Try it out for yourselves and let us know where your nearest kiosk is in the comments!

Sony Announces the PS Vita TV

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Here's more information about the PS Vita TV:

- Plays PSP, Vita and PS1 games
- Has all the Vita apps for movies, HULU, Netflix etc.
- Runs Vita OS
- 9450 Yen / $100
- Can Remote Play PS4 to another TV if the one the PS4 is connected to is being used.
- Launches in Japan on November 14
- 6cm x 10cm console
- There will a be a $150 bundle for the console + 8GB memory card and a white Dualshock 3.
- Any Vita games that use touch are not compatible. Possibility for updates for those games to make the compatible.

This seems like an amazing device for $100 if you are already invested in Sony or have never bought a PS Vita or don't care about playing games on the go. But, does this mean the death of the PS Vita? Would someone buy a $200 Vita when they can buy this for the home? Did Sony just beat Apple to the punch?

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