Girl Live-Tweets Brothers Insane Meltdown After His Runescape Account is Hacked and Held for Ransom

Anyone who has played an MMO knows how treasured your account is to you, the sheer amount of time sunk into it makes it really special.

In addition, anyone who has ever had their account hacked knows the pain of losing all of your resources and gold, regardless if the account is recovered.

But even with that considered. This meltdown is something else and a new level of self absorbed.

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Via: Maxim
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We've been served up some unexpected renditions of the infamous Godzilla; from the box-jawed mother of Matthew Broderick's 1998 version to the more recent 2014 encounter Bryan Cranston had with what might as well have been the mystery beast from Cloverfield.

Anyone see that? Nope? Oh, okay. End credits.

Great promise lies on the approaching summer horizon with the coming release of Godzilla: Resurgence. This will be the first Japanese Godzilla movie in over 10 year's time.

The new dropped photos of the supposed production designs employed to bring life to the newest Godzilla were reportedly leaked by a fan group on Twitter on Saturday.

What we have as the best fan theory proposed so far, kind of not really, is that this is the original 1954 Godzilla that somehow managed to start up with regenerating itself.

According to i09 this Godzilla is some kind of 'hybrid' design, never until now attempted in a Japanese Production. This production design weds computer graphics with a gigantic tower of a doll of rippling red muscle that portrays much resemblance to that of an anatomy chart.