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By BlackStarHero ( Via: patrickseymourva)
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From the uploader: There could be hope for ideas if PKMN Gen 6 would exist. And do the concept of the Two Sided Rivalry Circle. Pandojo (Grass) -> Paninda (Grass/Fighting) -> Pankwando (Grass/Fighting) Simber (Fire) -> Koverno (Fire/Dark) -> Infernion (Fire/Dark) Esphin (Water) -> Orcakle (Water/Psychic) -> Orkinesis (Water/Psychic)

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By DineshThePoet ( Via: Serebii)
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  1. Sana, possible rival/friend
  2. Pansy, who will appear in the animé on 18th with her Gogoat (Some sort of reporter)
  3. Viola, the Bug-type Gym Leader of Hakudan City and loves Photography
  4. Vivillon's Bug-type Evolutionary Line
  5. Fire/Normal Lion Cub that can learn "War Cry", an Attack-reducing move
  6. Furabebe, Fairy type, knows Fairy Wind, and is always found grasping a flower
  7. Asame, the starting Town. The Main Character has just moved in and is befriended by Sana, Tiuerno and Toroba. It also seems that there is a Rhyhorn is front of the house.
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